Juice Cleanses

Why Cleanse?

With weight loss and a flatter stomach being the obvious draw to a juice cleanse there are lots of additional unexpected benefits of our programme, many of which will stay with you long after your initial cleanse:

A juice cleanse floods your body with good nutrition that is replenishing and refreshing. It also gives your digestive system a break to allow your body to flush out the build up of toxins we get from processed foods, pollution, alcohol, caffeine, household cleaners etc etc. Whilst you can get some mild headaches as this takes place, the results are worth it.

What's included in the programme?


The Juice House currently offers the following juice cleansing programmes:

To find out more or to book you can call into the shop or email us - thejuicehouseearlsdon@gmail.com

Each programme consists of 5 juices per day. Juices will be made fresh in store for you to collect each morning. If you prefer to collect all the juices at once and freeze the other days you can. Juices are always best and most nutritious when fresh but we understand you maybe too busy to come in every day!

The juice cleanse programmes use a series of juices, specially designed for our juice cleanse plan. This programme is exclusive to the Juice House

Where to find us...

The Juice House and Coffee Shop is located at the top of Earlsdon High Street in the bustling Coventry suburb of Earlsdon.