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Posted On: Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

A glorious guide to all things healthy from the comfort of your TV. Its the Juice House’s list of best healthy food documentaries.

Here at the Juice House we are all about HEALTH! HEALTH! HEALTH! That said, when we are not busy making juices we do like to get some downtime – yeah, we know bout Netflix and chill. The sad truth is that the food industry is driven by the dollar, not the best interests of the consumer. Get some help cutting through the BS by giving yourself a little healthy ammunition. Below is a list of documentaries that all health enthusiasts will likely find fun and informative.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Fat Sick and nearly Dead charts it’s narrators journey from ‘un-regular Joe’ rattling like a pill box to a leading spokesperson for the juicing community. It’s on Netflix and you can also watch it free on the website here.

That Sugar Film

An eye-opening documentary into the sugar industry and the scary truth about how frequently you can find it in everyday products.

Super Juice Me

Legendary Juice Man – Jason Vale offers a bunch of lucky folk the chance to re-invigorate their lives and find out just how much magic there is in the power of juice. Lucky for you the whole thing is on youtube.

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